Welcome to Nurture with Nature

My mum and grandma encouraged me to find something beautiful in nature every day; I have early memories of searching for ladybirds (and fairies) in the local wood, watching the starlings fight over biscuit crumbs in our garden and gazing in wide-eyed awe at a magical sunset. This is something that has stayed with me well into my adulthood, even during my years of commuting to Manchester’s bustling city centre. If you look hard enough you will always find a little corner of nature tucked away.

I’m also a firm believer in nurturing with nature – we all know a bunch of flowers can brighten someone’s day. However, I believe all the little wonders of nature – a dew drop glistening in a freshly spun cobweb – an early morning misty fret caressing the sea – a newly unfurled rosebud – can feed the soul and help improve the spirits and general wellness.

During some recent times of anxiety my heart was racing madly, I was sweating, dizzy and developing a most unsightly blotchy rash on my neck. I found that going for a walk at lunch time and capturing a photograph of nature every day really helped. It gave me something positive to focus on and I loved the adrenaline rush of capturing a fleeting moment of nature in its full glory. After some encouragement from my little sister and friends I’ve created this blog about nurturing with nature. It will allow me to share some of my favourite nature photographs (old and new) with a little more background than Instagram allows!

Today would have been my grandma’s birthday, so I thought a fitting launch to my blog would be to share a photo I took today of a rose that I planted in my garden in her memory, aptly named “Inspiration”. The Great British Summer had adorned the vibrant petals with tiny jewels of rain and the photograph was taken in the only 10 minute sunny spell of the day! Thank you to both my mum and grandma for instilling this great love of nature in me 🙂

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