Tatton Mere reflections

Today we were treated to some blue sky, albeit with multiple clouds eagerly jostling each other for a prime position in front of the sun. Went for a walk around one of the meres at Tatton Park, Knutsford (imaginatively named Tatton Mere) and realised that I never quite manage a brisk walking pace as I’m always stopping to take photos. I was unsuccessful in getting a good shot of a damselfly (one day I will!) but managed to capture some lovely reflections (I’ll be honest, it was a point and hope shot).

I am lucky enough to work very close to this park and last time I came here I was feeling a little panicky and agitated with racing thoughts and I laid down on a grassy bank and concentrated on the sun’s rays heating my skin and the quiet buzz of dragonflies and crickets and attempted the deep breathing exercises they advise you to try. As Knutsford is under the flight path to and from Manchester Airport, the shadow and loud noise of planes made sure I didn’t drop off. It made me really appreciate the National Trust and the fabulous work they do in preserving lovely and historic buildings and their grounds.

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