Wildflower picking along Macclesfield Canal

Today’s nature quest took me for an amble along Macclesfield canal. I was expecting to take photos of ducks, the heron or tree and bridge reflections and was quite surprised by the vast and colourful range of wildflowers and grasses growing along the edge.

My mum is a great lover of wildflowers and we both like a saying about ‘a weed is just a flower in the wrong place’. I ended up picking a handful (only of flowers that were plentiful – I am a fairly ethical flower picker) and taking a photo against the backdrop of a field next to the canal. If you look closely you can see little blurry horses behind the grasses in the bouquet šŸ™‚

I wish I knew all the flower names but I only recognise buttercups, Queen Anne’s Lace (cow parsley) and pink clover. I have never seen the purple flowers before in my life. I very much enjoyed arranging them so the colours complemented each other and the floppy grasses curved out at each side. It was the highlight of my day before settling down with some strawberries and cream to watch Murray power his way through to the quarter finals of Wimbledon.

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