Wimbledon-inspired bouquet

Today’s calming nature focus was inspired by Wimbledon:

  • Yellow tennis balls (sweetheart roses)
  • Purple and green Wimbledon logo (brodiaea and greenery)
  • White court markings and dress code (gypsophilia)

I got the flowers from Sainsbury’s (as well as strawberries and cream) and arranged them after an epic Roger Federer quarterfinal comeback where he saved 3 match points (what a legend) and Andy Murray’s almost-as-thrilling win. These matches were anything but calming – an adrenaline-fest in a good way though.

I love the combination of colours in this arrangement – I deliberated over adding red carnations to represent strawberries but I think it looked better with just the green, purple, white and yellow.

Also known as Baby’s Breath, gypsophilia is a member of the carnation family. Interestingly, extracts from this plant are used medicinally as a cough remedy and a recent study also suggested it may be cytotoxic to tumour-inducing macrophage cell lines i.e. a potential cancer treatment.

I think gypsophilia is one of the most romantic-looking flowers and it is the main focus of my wedding flowers. I tried growing my own gypsophilia plant last year but I suspect I killed it by over-watering :/ Anyway, if Murray makes it to the final I might create a red, white and blue arrangement!


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