Tiny spider silhouette

I nipped out to admire the roses and feed the birds in between the rain showers and spotted this little fellow clambering back up his finely spun web amidst the shelter of the rose leaves. I managed to get him (or her) silhouetted against the fence in this shot. I also soaked a lot of rain into my slippers but it was worth it to get the shot.

I think this is a money spider and superstition has it that it’s lucky if one runs on you – I decided to let it be about its business though! As life is quite fleeting for these little spiders (about a year; two if their lucky), I wonder whether they ever get anxious, or whether they just focus on spinning, eating, mating and surviving.

It does feel like  waste of life feeling anxious, as in the grand scheme of things, hundreds of years in the future, no one will care what I did or didn’t do. Easier said than done to stop panicky feelings becoming overwhelming though. I do think the focusing on nature every day is helping though!

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