A moment with a grasshopper

One of my favourite moments this week was on a lunch break from work. I wandered down to the local heath and decided to make the most of a rare sunny day by kicking my shoes off and laying on the grass to bask. Then I heard the summery clicking noise of crickets and grasshoppers and saw one hopping right next to me.

I then spent a good fifteen minutes crawling after it trying to get The Shot. It was incredibly well camouflaged – I kept not being able to see it as soon as I’d zoomed in on my phone. Eventually I managed the shot above – I’m just gutted that blade of grass is in the way.

I’m sure the little fella was relieved when I stopped crawling after him (or her). It was lovely though, getting to admire such a beautiful creature. I also realised afterwards, that while I was focusing on trying to get the photo, nothing else mattered. I forgot all my worries and just enjoyed the heat of the rays, the breeze in my hair and the thrill of getting the shot. Nature most definitely nurtured my soul that day.

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