A veritable vibrancy of flowers!

The photos I took at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park today were so vibrant in colour I felt a new collective noun was in order. ‘A riot of colour’ didn’t seem to do it justice, and I found a great peace amongst such beautiful colours, not the conflict suggested by ‘a riot’. So a ‘vibrancy’ it is!

It was a fairly last minute decision to attend; three things contributed to the decision. Firstly, watching the RHS Chelsea Flower Show on TV was an annual occurrence with my mum and grandma when I was little, where we’d pull the designs to pieces and giggle at the pretentious words the presenters used. So I’d always wanted to go, but until this year I hadn’t realised there was an ‘up North’ version! Secondly, I work 5 minutes away from Tatton Park and have a car park pass for a nearby car park. Thirdly, the company that owns the building I work in were a key sponsor of this year’s show, thereby entitling us to discounted tickets. Boom!

I was also a little emotionally delicate yesterday and my soul in fervent need of nurturing with nature. Technically, my soul has been nurtured by nature for a week with the amount of flowers I saw, and I have noted down several thousand ideas for my dream garden of the future! Although it was (as my Other Half aptly put it) ‘a very expensive garden centre’ I had a whale of a time snapping photographs of so many beautiful flowers and can see it becoming an annual occurrence.

I also bought a coral tea rose as a memento (it’s difficult to decide whether I lovetea or roses more. – I picked one mostly in bud rather than mostly in flower (wise advice from my grandma), so I get to look forward to them unfurling.  I would like to remember to take a photograph of it each day then combine them all into a collage to show the progression from rosebud to rosehip – watch this space!


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