Scarborough – the Queen of the North Yorkshire coast

Scarborough first captured my heart when I was 7 years old. I have been back every year since then – it is my favourite place in the entire world. I love its majestic coastline, distinct landmarks, quaint red and white old town, hidden gardens and mysterious sea frets. I was lucky enough to spend the August bank holiday weekend wandering about taking shots of my favourite views. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the South Bay – nurture with nature – coastal edition 🙂

This lovely (and quiet) spot is the very southernmost part of the South Bay and is near the site of the awful Holbeck Hall Hotel landslide of 1993. The fallen cliff side was subsequently landscaped into a grassy hill where numerous benches offer a scenic vista. I loved the contrast of these yellow wildflowers against the green and brown cliffs, azure blue sea and pale blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.

Looking south from Cleveland Way, Scarborough
Looking north from Cleveland Way, Scarborough

As this was quite a walk from our accommodation, we called at the Clock Tower Cafe on the way back for a well-earned cuppa. This cafe looks the same as when it was opened in 1914, and still provides glorious views across the North Sea. This shot was taken on the approach through the lovely wild grasses:

The Clock Tower Cafe, Scarborough

I love that Scarborough plays host to several legacies of Harry Smith, who converted derelict spaces into public gardens. One of his creations, the Italian Garden, hasn’t altered much in over 100 years – so I couldn’t resist taking a black and white shot to capture its vintage essence:

Italian Gardens, Scarborough

While I was in ‘vintage mode’ I also took this sepia shot of the headland framed by grassy silhouettes:

The headland, Scarborough

Walking back along the beach I took this shot of the headland (back in colour mode!), with the imposing Grand Hotel to the left of the picture. I love the clouds – so much more of an interesting shot than if the sky was entirely blue!

South Bay beach, Scarborough

Another of my favourite views from the South Bay beach is when the sunlight is just in the right place to glint off the lighthouse windows, creating a beautiful reflection in the sea. I love the pinky purply blue hues here:

The Lighthouse, Scarborough

Scarborough Harbour is one of the few to still have a small fleet of fishing boats. As I was taking this photo, the tourist ‘pirate ship’ sailed into view making for a lovely silhouette:

Scarborough Harbour

I hope you’ve enjoyed these snaps of my favourite place in the world.

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